Welcome to The Crabby Shack

Welcome to The Crabby Shack "The Home of The Clobster Roll". Your destination for all things crab! Come join us for our delicious Crab, Clobster and Lobster Rolls, Crab Legs and much more. Our crabs are steamed daily in our kitchen and includes our famous Crabby Shack Beer Sauce, which is often imitated but never matched.

Two Women, Passionate for Crabs




In Philadelphia, where Fifi grew up, crabs are a popular fare. Many neighborhoods have crab places serving up Blue crab, Dungeness crab and Alaskan Snow crab.

Not so in New York. Fifi found herself frequenting the market in order to make them herself. Preparing crab perfection became a passion and it became a dream to open a restaurant dedicated to serving delicious crabs in Brooklyn!




Gwen grew up with a family tradition of crab. Her father is from the Chesapeake Bay area and as a treat for the family, always brought crabs back after visiting his home.

Like Fifi, Gwen was also frustrated by the severe lack of crab in New York. It was one night at a dinner party at Gwen's house when Fifi brought up the idea of opening a crab restaurant. A year later The Crabby Shack was born.

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